The Preventive Care Program for Urban Children with Asthma

Prior Research Projects

School-Based Preventive Asthma Care Technology (SB-PACT) (RC1/NHLBI) sb-pactlogo1

The School-Based Preventive Asthma Care Technology study is a 100 subject pilot project funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and the National Institutes of Health, and developed in partnership with the Rochester City School District and School Nurse Program. This program utilized a novel, web-based communication system and assured that children received a daily preventive asthma medication in school. This system allowed school health staff to complete symptom assessments and electonically transmit asthma symptom reports to healthcare providers. The program built on the School-Based Asthma Therapy (SBAT) trial, conducted from 2006-2009 with more than 500 children, and was designed for dissemination and sustainability. Identifier: NCT01175434

“Anything we can do to provide a continuous plan of care aimed at preventing hospitalizations and controlling symptoms is a benefit to our students, and it helps them stay in school.”
– Nurse commenting on the benefits of the SB-PACT program


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