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URMC / Labs / Majewska Lab / Personnel


Ania MajewskaAnia K. Majewska, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator
MC 5-8153
Phone: (585) 275-4173
Research Focus: Imaging synaptic structure and function in the visual system.

Cassandra LamantiaCassandra Lamantia, B.S.
Laboratory Technician

Monique MendesMonique Mendes
Graduate Student
Research Focus: Microglial contributions to circuit changes following experience-dependent plasticity

Rianne StowellRianne Stowell
Graduate Student
Research Focus: The role of microglia in activity-dependent cortical plasticity

Elissa WongElissa Wong
Graduate Student
Research Focus: Investigating the effects of early life alcohol exposure on synaptic dynamics, plasticity, and microglia in the adolescent mouse brain

Reva PeerReva Peer
Undergraduate Student