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The Multi Sensory Integration Group meets twice a month.

There is no upcoming journal club meeting scheduled.

Please contact Christina Cloninger for more information and to get on the e-mail list to receive upcoming papers for review.

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Interaction of Senses in Areas of Common Meaning to Yield Purposeful Behavior

The Multi-Sensory Integration Group at the University of Rochester includes faculty, students, and laboratories that are bound by a common interest in how the different senses interact in areas of common meaning (e.g. space, communication) to yield purposeful behavior.

The Group is centered in the Department of Neurobiology & Anatomy, while including close ties with others (Biomedical Engineering, Neurology, and Brain & Cognitive Sciences). Research and activities are highly collaborative, interactive, and inter-disciplinary. These attributes are further supported by interactions with other interest groups as well as NIH-funded centers (Center for Visual Science (CVS) and Center for Navigation and Communication Sciences (CNCS)). The Group provides a dynamic and engaging environment for research and training in an exciting and growing area of systems neuroscience.