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Jianwen Que, B.M., Ph.D. University of Rochester work Box 633 601 Elmwood Ave Rochester NY 14642 office: KMRB 2-9615 p (585) 273-4125 f (585) 273-1450


Que Lab University of Rochester work KMRB 2-9615 601 Elmwood Ave Rochester NY 14642 p (585) 273-4133 f (585) 273-1450


Genetic Modeling of Stem Cells and Diseases in the Lung and Esophagus

Research in the Que lab is focused on the molecular and cellular mechanisms controlling proliferation and differentiation of stem/progenitor cells. We are particularly interested in how these mechanisms operate in tissue stem cells, for example, stem cells in the esophagus. We think a better understanding of the relevant mechanisms will yield important insights into clinical problems including Eosinophilic esophagitis, Barrett's esophagus and esophageal cancers. Knowledge obtained through in vivo mouse and in vitro tissue modeling will also inform normal mechanisms maintaining stem cells in other tissues.

We are also interested in signaling pathways and transcription factors regulating pulmonary vasculature development. Previous studies focused on lung branching morphogenesis have provided important insights into epithelial development. However, very little is known about how mesenchymal cells contribute to lung vasculature, especially during the early stage of lung development. Knowledge into relevant events is critical because many of structural and functional abnormalities of pulmonary vasculature begin during the very early stages.

Key questions to address:

  1. How self-renewal and differentiation of stem cells are controlled at the cellular and molecular level?
  2. How stem cell abnormalities are involved in the development of eosinophilic esophagitis and esophageal cancer?
  3. How blood vessels are built and maintained in the lung?
  4. Current Research Projects


We are seeking motivated rotation students and postdoctoral fellows. We have a couple of promising projects relevant to stem cells, developmental biology and disease modeling. If interested please contact Dr. Que for more details.

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