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Professor Regine Choe receives NIH funding for project: "Longitudinal monitoring of bone fracture healing using diffuse optical and correlation tomography"

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Professor Regine Choe has received an NIH Research Project Grant (RO1) for her project, “Longitudinal monitoring of bone fracture healing using diffuse optical and correlation tomography." Vascularization is a key step in bone fracture healing, but is often measured only once or not at all due to technical limitations or cost. Professor Choe proposes to develop and validate optical instruments for non-invasive, longitudinal monitoring of blood flow, volume and oxygenation in bone fractures and surrounding tissues to predict bone healing. This approach will significantly expedite the development of new bone fracture treatments based on regenerative medicine and the diagnosis of impaired healing, which currently takes at least 3 months. Professor Choe’s collaborators on this project include Danielle Benoit (PhD, Biomedical Engineering), A. Samuel Flemister (MD, Orthopaedics), John Ketz (MD, Orthopaedics), Wing-Chi Edmund Kwok (PhD, Imaging Sciences) and Tong Tong Wu (PhD, Biostatistics).