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Lab Members

Principal Investigators

Eli Eliav
Research Interest: Orofacial Pain
Junad Khan
Research Interest: Program Director, Orofacial Pain and TMJ Disorders


Shilpa Singh
Shilpa Singh, B.D.S.
Assistant Professor
Phone: (585) 275-9619
Email Shilpa


Noor Al Obaidi
Research Interest: Aging, Gender and Pain Modulation
Osamah AlAzzawi
Research Interest: Sleep Quality in Orofacial Pain Patients
Hussein Alhasan
Research Interest: Non-strenuous Aerobic Exercise and Exercise-Induced Hypoalgesia in Chronic Masticatory Myalgia Patients
Maryam Altuhafy
Research Interest: LPS and Neuropathic Pain
Weiran Jiang
Research Interest: Parkinson Disease and Pain Modulation
Aparna Surya
Research Interest: EMG and Orofacial Pain
Yenisey Valdes
Research Interest: Pharmacotherapy and Exercise Induced Hypoalgesia
Amit Wadke
Research Interest: Pain Modulation Profiles and Pain Outcomes in Chronic Orofacial Pain Patients undergoing Surgery

Research Staff

Qian Wang
Qian Wang, Ph.D.
Staff Scientist