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CVBI Students Receive Young Investigator Award at NYIC

Monday, October 21, 2013

CVBI students, Tara Capece (Minsoo Kim lab) and Chris Anderson (Rusty Elliott lab), received the AAI Young Investigators Award at the 2013 Upstate New York Immunology Conference (NYIC).

The Kim lab Understanding how T cells and neutrophils home to and migrate within tissues is a major focus of our research, and the Elliott lab understand the signaling pathways that regulate how phagocytes locate and engulf apoptotic cells and how this process impacts the immune system in normal and disease states.

Tara Capece and Patrick Murphy Appointed to Immunology Training Grant

Thursday, August 15, 2013

CVBI students, Tara Capece (Minsoo Kim lab) and Patrick Murphy (Rusty Elliot lab), were appointed to a position on the Immunology Training Grant (T32 AI007285). There was considerable competition with many strong candidates. The center would like to congratulate both on such a distinct honor.