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Research Goals

A-AR molecular mechanisms

A-AR Molecular Mechanisms

To dissect the molecular mechanism how androgen-AR functions.

A-AR physiological functions

A-AR Physiological Functions

ARKO mice with knockout AR in specific cell have been generated in our lab to study AR in vivo roles in bone, immunity and reproductive systems and tumors in liver, prostate, bladder, breast.

ER in vivo roles in Urology

ER In Vivo Roles in Urology

We established a ERαKO and a ERβKO mice that knockout ERα or ERβ in specific cell to study ER roles in prostate, bladder and testis.

TR4 Pathway

TR4 Nuclear Receptor

TR4 functions as transcription modulator with important in vivo roles in metabolism syndrome, fertility, aging and cancer.

Vitamin D Receptor in Urology

Vitamin D Receptor in Urology

To study the Vitamin D in vivo functions in prostate and bladder cancer.

Vitamin E in Urology

Vitamin E in Urology

To study Vitamin E in vivo function in prostate and bladder cancer.