The Preventive Care Program for Urban Children with Asthma

Prior Research Projects

Adolescent School-Based Asthma Program (Pilot Study/CTSI)

Adolescents often have poor adherence to preventive medications and few studies target this population. This pilot program was designed to enhance the delivery of preventive asthma medications to 12-15 year old children in school, and to provide support for the teens to independently manage their asthma. This study includes two components: The first component establishes a partnership with the school nurse who assures that the student receives his/her daily asthma medication through school-based directly observed therapy. The second component is a counseling intervention to help transition the teens to independently manage their asthma. Identifier: NCT01106326

"Students are more controlled. It helped the students have more knowledge of their asthma and their triggers. It helped them be more responsible for their own health care and management."
– Nurse commenting on the benefits of the program


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