Principal Investigator

Catherine E. Ovitt, Ph.D. University of Rochester work Box 611 Rochester NY p (585) 275-2920 f (585) 276-0190

Progenitor Cell Populations in the Adult Salivary Gland

Cultured Salivary Gland

We have identified a multipotent progenitor cell population in the salivary glands that generates both secretory acinar and ductal cells. Although apparently not required for salivary gland development, these progenitor cells contribute to the maintenance of the adult glands. The ability of these cells to function in salivary gland repair and regeneration is currently under investigation. Preliminary results of these studies present compelling evidence that salivary gland homeostasis is effected by multiple progenitor cell populations. Current research is underway to isolate and determine the extent of involvement of alternate progenitor cell populations.

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