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Book Chapters & Reviews

  • Pasternak, T. and Tadin, D. (2019) Contribution of neuronal direction selectivity to visual behavior.  Annual Review of Vision Science. Invited review, in preparation
  • Pasternak T. (2015) Defining a role for lateral prefrontal cortex in memory-guided decisions about visual motion. In: Attention and Performance XXV: Mechanisms of sensory working memory, Elsevier: in press.
  • Bell A.H., Pasternak T. and Ungerleider L.G. (2014) Ventral and Dorsal Cortical Processing Streams. In: Werner J.S., Chalupa L.M., (eds.) The New Visual Neurosciences, pp. 227-242. Cambridge, Massachusetts: The MIT Press.
  • Postle B. R. and Pasternak T. (2009) Short Term and Working Memory. In: Squire LR (ed.) Encyclopedia of Neuroscience, volume 8, pp. 793-799. Oxford: Academic Press.
  • Ungerleider, L., and Pasternak, T. (2004). Ventral and Dorsal Cortical Processing Streams. In Visual Neurosciences, L.M. Chalupa, and J.S. Werner, eds. (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press), pp. 541-563.
  • Pasternak, T., Bisley, J.W., & Calkins, D. (2003). Visual Information Processing in the Primate Brain. In M. Gallagher & R. J. Nelson (Eds.), Biological Psychology (Vol. 3). New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.