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Postdoctoral Position in Cognitive Neuroscience

Posted on: Monday, October 2nd, 2017.

Postdoctoral position to study cortical circuitry underlying memory-guided visual decisions is available immediately in the laboratory of Dr. Tatiana Pasternak in the Department of Neuroscience and Center for Visual Science.

The focus of the research program is on the activity of large populations of simultaneously recorded neurons across cortical network to identify on a trial-by-trial basis neural codes and network dynamics that underlie memory and comparison processes during perceptual decisions. The analysis will emphasize inter-neuronal and inter-areal interactions and synchrony as well as population decoding algorithms.

Experimental approaches include array recording of spiking and LFP activity from prefrontal and extrastriate visual cortical regions of non-human primates during memory-guided sensory comparison tasks. Other approaches include  reversible inactivation and microstimulation of identified cortical sites. An important component of the work is a collaboration with computational neuroscientists and developing models aimed at mechanisms underlying maintenance and utilization of visual information in decision-making.

Preference will be given to candidates with strong quantitative background with experience in the analysis of physiological data and extracellular recordings. Applicants with strong background in related disciplines of systems neuroscience and/or computer science & engineering are welcome to apply. Experience with MATLAB/PYTHON programming and proficient knowledge of the English language are required.

The University of Rochester offers a stimulating research environment and excellent opportunities for interactions and training in cognitive neuroscience and visual science. Interested applicants should send CV and names/contact information of three references to Dr. Pasternak. Please include a cover letter detailing your current research activities, expertise and the reasons for your interest in this position.