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Principal Investigator

Eric PhizickyEric Phizicky, Ph.D.
Phone: (585) 275-7268

tRNA biogenesis, function and quality control; intellectual disability due to deficiencies in tRNA modifications.

Technicians and Staff

Alayna HaukeAlayna Hauke
Laboratory Technician III
MC 3-7530
Phone: (585) 275-1897

Graduate Students

Thareendra De ZoysaThareendra (Teddy) De Zoysa
Graduate Student

The Role of Yeast Met22 and pAp Signaling in Rapid tRNA Decay

Lu HanLu Han
Graduate Student

Substrate specificity of the Trm140 C32 methyltransferase

Matthew PayeaMatthew Payea
Graduate Student

Mutations in the Anticodon Stem Can Provoke 5’-3’ tRNA Degradation by the Rapid tRNA Decay (RTD) Pathway

Monika TasakMonika Tasak
Graduate Student

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Austin MottolaAustin Mottola
Undergraduate Student