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papers of edward


Edward Wheelock (1863-1927) was a physician practicing in Rochester from 1886 until circa 1910. This small collection has come together from two sources: a scrapbook maintained by Dr. Wheelock; and a series of legal documents which were turned over in 1975 to Edward C. Atwater, M.D. by Walter J. Halloran (of the law firm of Whitbeck & Halloran). The scrapbook was among a collection of books obtained from the Rochester Academy of Medicine in the late 1970s. Because of its physical condition, it was dismantled and its contents re-arranged in its present format. Processing of the collection was completed in July 1987. It is contained in one document box.

Biographical Data

Edward Wheelock was born Wheelock Rider to Charles Everts Rider, M.D. (1839-1909), a physician in Rochester, and his wife Delia Wheelock Rider. Wheelock Rider was the second of three sons. He was an 1883 graduate of the University of Rochester, and a June 1885 graduate of the Syracuse Medical College. In September of that year, he left for Berlin where he had intended to spend two or three years in additional medical studies, but returned to Rochester in March 1886.

Wheelock Rider followed his father's footsteps as an ophthalmologist in Rochester. For a time they shared an office at 53 South Fitzhugh Street. Like his father, Wheelock Rider was associated with the Rochester City Hospital, as well as St. Mary's Hospital. He was a member and at various times an officer of the Monroe County Medical Society; the Hospital Medical Society; the Rochester Academy of Medicine; and the Rochester Pathological Society. He was also a member of the American Ophthalmological Society and the American Otological Society.

Wheelock Rider's relationship with his father was apparently a difficult one. For reasons unspecified, his name was legally changed to Edward Wheelock on 2 May 1911, two years after his father's death.

Edward Wheelock (Rider) was twice married. There was no issue from either marriage.

Some years before his death Edward Wheelock ceased the practice of medicine. He died on 10 December 1927.

The Papers

The Edward Wheelock (Rider) scrapbook (now dismantled) contains a variety of ephemeral material pertaining to his personal and professional life (e.g., photographs, elementary school certificates from the period of his father's residency in Germany [four years ca. 1870], local medical society meeting programs, invitations to social events, etc.). The legal documents obtained from the files of W.J. Halloran include drafts of Wheelock Rider's wills, and legal memoranda on the disposition of the will of Charles Everts Rider.

Because of the sensitive nature of these documents (and the several pieces of correspondence which accompany them), use of the Edward Wheelock (Rider) papers is restricted.

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