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Institute for Innovative Education

Miner Classrooms 

Where are the classrooms?

Classroom #1 [map]

...is located in our Computing Center. This classroom is equipped with 8 networked student stations (Power Mac and Windows), instructor's station, LCD projector, and printer.

Kathryn W. Nesbit Classroom #2 [map]

...is located on the ground floor (room G-7545) near Medical Photography. This classroom is equipped with 15 networked student stations (Windows only), instructor's station, LCD projector, and printer.

Who can reserve the classrooms?

Primarily, our computer classrooms are reserved for the classes we teach and for the on-going training needs of our staff.

Classroom #1 is restricted to library use only. As the schedule allows, Medical Center groups may reserve the Kathryn W. Nesbit classroom for the educational needs of their departments. Other University of Rochester departments may rent the Nesbit classroom per availability.

The Center for Experiential Learning (CEL) coordinates the scheduling of the Nesbit classroom. Please contact CEL by phone (275-7666) or email. Additional information is available on the "Schedule a Room/Resource" page of the CEL website.



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