Birdcages & Nursery Rhymes

The Children's Waiting Area in the Eastman Dental Clinics

During the 1920's and 1930's, in addition to the Rochester Dental Dispensary, George Eastman established five dental clinics throughout Europe. The clinics were designed with children in mind, in hopes that anxiety over dental care would be reduced. This concern for young patients was reflected in the architecture of these buildings. Each clinic had it's own birdcage in the waiting area and artists were employed to paint murals on the walls illustrating nursery rhymes and childhood themes.


Brussels Waiting Room

Eastman Dental Clinic Brussels

Children Gathered around Birdcage in Brussels Waiting Room


Walls in Rochester Waiting Room

Eastman Dental Clinic Stockholm

Birdcage in Stockholm Waiting Room


Walls in Stockholm Waiting Room

Rochester Dental Dispensary Waiting Area

Birdcage in Rochester Waiting Room


Birdcage in Paris Waiting Room

Eastman Dental Clinic Londo

Birdcage in London Waiting Room


Walls in London Waiting Room


Birdcage in Rome Waiting Room. Floor tiles also silhouettes of animals.


Walls in Rome Waiting Room