Eastman's European Dental Clinics

George EastmanAfter establishing the Rochester Dental Dispensary in 1915, George Eastman went on to provide funding for similar institutions in Europe. Between 1929 and 1937, Eastman Dental Clinics were opened in London, Rome, Brussels, Stockholm and Paris. Eastman appointed Dr. Harvey Burkhart, director of the Rochester Dental Dispensary, to represent him in all necessary negotiations. Dr. Burkhart and his family frequently traveled overseas as Eastman's representative in these affairs. The clinics were all similar in that:

  • They served indigent children through the age of sixteen, whose parents were unable to provide dental treatment
  • Eastman gave one million dollars for the establishment of each clinic with the understanding that local authorities would take over management, funding, and upkeep
  • The buildings were all architecturally similar
  • Most of he clinics provided an opportunity for post-graduate training for dentists, and training for dental hygienists
  • The waiting rooms of all the clinics contained decorative birdcages with live birds, and the walls were painted with lively murals to entertain the children and ease anxieties over dental treatment
  • Dental units and chairs were furnished by Rochester's Ritter Dental Company

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Eastman Dental Clinic London

Dedicated November 19, 1930


Eastman Dental London

Eastman Dental Clinic Rome


Dedicated April 21, 1933



Eastman Dental Rome

Eastman Dental Clinic Brussels


Dedicated July 31, 1935


Eastman Dental Brussels

Eastman Dental Clinic Stockholm


Dedicated April 25, 1936


Eastman Dental Stockholm

Eastman Dental Clinic Paris



Dedicated October 21, 1937

Eastman Dental Paris