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Lab 1: Basic Reactions to Injury

Lab 2: Vascular Diseases

Lab 3: Edema and Herniation

Lab 4: Neoplasms

Lab 5: Demyelinating Disorders

Lab 6: Infectious Diseases

Lab 7: Cranio-Spinal Trauma

Lab 8: Toxic and Metabolic Disorders

Lab 9: Developmental Disorders

Lab 10: Degenerative Disorders


Tabes dorsalis: Months or years after the mucocutaneous lesions of secondary syphilis have resolved, about one third to half of untreated patients with latent syphilis develop tertiary syphilis. The manifestations of tabes dorsalis are due to chronic inflammatory disease of the dorsal roots (arrows) and ganglia with associated degeneration of the posterior columns as seen in this section of lumbar spinal cord stained for myelin.