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Lab 1: Basic Reactions to Injury

Lab 2: Vascular Diseases

Lab 3: Edema and Herniation

Lab 4: Neoplasms

Lab 5: Demyelinating Disorders

Lab 6: Infectious Diseases

Lab 7: Cranio-Spinal Trauma

Lab 8: Toxic and Metabolic Disorders

Lab 9: Developmental Disorders

Lab 10: Degenerative Disorders


Acute contusions "contrecoup": Contusions (with or without laceration) may occur in the region of impact (�coup�) but also occur in sites elsewhere in the brain in a common pattern. These �contrecoup� sites are regions where the gyri come in contact with skull protuberances. Sites of "contrecoup" injury occur at a distance from site of impact but are not necessarily opposite from the site of impact.