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Institute for Innovative Education

Lab 1: Basic Reactions to Injury

Lab 2: Vascular Diseases

Lab 3: Edema and Herniation

Lab 4: Neoplasms

Lab 5: Demyelinating Disorders

Lab 6: Infectious Diseases

Lab 7: Cranio-Spinal Trauma

Lab 8: Toxic and Metabolic Disorders

Lab 9: Developmental Disorders

Lab 10: Degenerative Disorders


Alzheimer type II astrocytes: Acute hepatic encephalopathy, whether acquired or in Wilson disease, shows Alzheimer type II astrocytes. These astrocytes have enlarged nuclei with clear (marginated) chromatin and scant cytoplasm (arrows). They may be found in the deep cerebral cortex, basal ganglia, thalamus, dentate nucleus of the cerebellum and brain stem.