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e-mail Support

URMC Student E-mail

The quickest way for students to start accessing their e-mail is through the "E-mail" tab within the Student Portal (Blackboard). The tab uses Outlook Web Access and has many features (like a calendar and spellchecker). Through the portal, OWA is accessible virtually anywhere in the world. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection and a web browser.

Access your E-mail through the Student Portal

Change your E-mail Password (Accessible while on URMC network only)

Help Documentation

If you'd like additional instruction on different e-mail programs, select a program from the list below. Please be aware that different e-mail programs will have different features available. For instance, Outlook Web Access and Microsoft Outlook have a calendar system compatible with URMC's calendar system.

Some basic info for setting up devices is:

Domain: urmc-sh

Email Address:

Username: typically first name initial followed by last name: FLAST or sometime first name initial followed by last name followed by a number: FLAST2

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