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eudora help

Eudora is a program available on the Internet for reading e-mail. There are currently three versions of Eudora available: a free "lite" version, a full featured version that you can pay for, and another full version that is free but sends you advertising as you read your e-mail.

Steps To Access Your E-mail Through Eudora:

If this is your first time using Eudora, the program will start a 'New Account Wizard,' otherwise, go to the "Tools" menu and select "Options." In the "Options" window you will see several icons on the left, select "Getting Started."

  1. First, Eudora will prompt you for your name, enter your name as you would like others to see it.
  2. It will ask for your email address (firstname_lastname@urmc.rochester.edu)
  3. Your login name is the trickiest part of the process. Your login name follows this pattern: 'urmc-sh\user_id\login_name'. For example, 'urmc-sh\john_smith\john_smith'.
  4. Your POP incoming mail server is 'exms6.urmc.rochester.edu' It asks if there is a 'Location Prefix'. There isn't one. Click 'Next' again.
  5. Your outgoing mail server is 'smtp.urmc.rochester.edu" if you are on campus. If you are off campus, contact your Internet Service Provider and ask what SMTP server name you should use. Allow authentication.
  6. Click Finish and you are all set! Eudora will now try to login and retrieve your e-mail.
  7. You will need to insert your password and click 'Ok' to download your mail.

Getting Help for Eudora:

Eudora has a very good online help feature that can be found by heading to http://www.eudora.com/techsupport/tutorials/ through your web browser. Furthermore, the help section within the Eudora program itself is quite comprehensive. Access it by selecting Help from the toolbar and selecting an appropriate Topic.

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