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SMD Student Calendars

Course calendars for the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry are now available electronically. There is a calendar specific to your class and an events calendar. The electronic calendars are now the official delivery mechanism for course times and locations.

All courses, lectures, seminars, etc. will be posted on the electronic calendars. Last minute room and/or time changes will be posted as soon as they become available. There may no longer be emails regarding course time and location changes; all changes will be made on the electronic calendars.

The calendar will not have small group assignments nor any individual student's schedule assignments. Instead, students are expected to work off material provided by a course/clerkship and keep their own individual calendar for those items.

Note: The calendars will only hold data for a single semester. Spring semester data will be available in mid-December. Online calendars are currently only available for 1st and 2nd year medical students.

The SMD Student Calendars are currently being supported in three formats:


To subscribe to the calendars on your iPad, use these links:

After tapping the link, you'll see the subscription popup. Tap Subscribe to add the calendar to your iPad.
Once you see the confirmation dialogue box, you can tap Done or you can click View <calendar name> to jump right to the calendar.


Need to access your calendar from another computer or device? Use the Web version:

Outlook (PC)

If you use Microsoft Outlook and would like to subscribe to the calendars using that, please follow these instructions:
1. In the bottom-left corner of Outlook, click on the calendar icon to bring up your calendar.
2. In the ribbon, click on Open Calendar, then select From Internet in the drop down menu.
3. Paste the URL for the calendar you wish to subscribe into the popup box.
  • Events Calendar:
  • Class of 2022:
  • Class of 2023:
  • Class of 2024:
  • Class of 2025:
  • Medical Student Managed Activities:
4. Click Yes to confirm that you wish to subscribe to the calendar.

5. The calendar will appear in your list of calendars within Outlook.

Note: To receive updates to the calendars in Outlook, you will need to use Send/Receive. It will not receive push updates as the iPad does. The frequency of calendar updates depends on the Send/Receive schedule you have set.

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