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Lab Tests Online Moblie

Review Author:
Platform: iOS
App or Mobile Website: App (link to App Store)
Does it require WiFi to work? No
Category: Medical
Price: $0.99
Special Instructions: WiFi is necessary for updates and graphics, but the main bulk of the content can be view offline.
Tasks or Searches Tested: Strep Test; HPV; stool culture Each includes: At a Glance; Test Sample; Test & how its used; FAQs; and Links At a Glance is useful for quick overview; Other sections have depth and breadth of information with appropriate links.
Design: Excellent for patients - large type as default, but easily adjusted with alpha icon, appropriate reading level but not over simplified, uncomplicated, clean interface. Almost entire screen is blank except for search box when first opened - sparseness may simplify for some but this user found it difficult to find/use all the features.
Functionality: When you enter a topic/test in search box, includes links to latest news. Includes email, FB, twitter, and G+ sharing options, although getting to this option is not intuitive. Accommodates landscape orientation.
Content: Info on lab tests, descriptions of diseases cross-linked by lab test, feature articles on difficult concepts (ie, the meaning of reference ranges), news items about latest advances in lab science, and policies governing use of the tests. Peer reviewed, references included. Links to excellent resources such as CDC, KidsHealth, MedlinePlus, & relevant disease centers & institutes
Other Comments: Medical Lab Tests, explained for consumers & patients; also appropriate as quick reference for clinicians; App version of the classic, popular Lab Tests Online. This is a goldmine of information for patients (and clinicians who need a quick overview). Includes such articles as The Universe of Genetic Testing, How Reliable Is Lab Testing?, Coping with Test Pain, Discomfort & Anxiety.
Reviews from others:
Link Description Could not find review of the app online - it is now in its 2nd version and was first launched mid 2011. The resource itself, Lab Tests Online, has won numerous awards, is highly regarded and popular. Quality of content is exceptional.
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