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Review Author:
Platform: iOS
App or Mobile Website: App (link to App Store)
Does it require WiFi to work? No
Category: Reference
Price: Free
Special Instructions: WiFi only necessary for update. Mobile app can be searched for in Safari. Browse by topic or use the search option to enter required information about your patient.
Tasks or Searches Tested: I tried both the browse and search options using a variety of topics.
Design: Simple and clean.
Functionality: I did not encounter any issues with functionality.
Content: Content is updated regularly. Content is graded and follows principles of evidence based medicine.
Other Comments: The content is very powerful; however, getting to it is not always easy. It would be ideal if there were a way to enter search terms when looking for a specific condition, test or guidelines. Instead, you are forced to scroll through lists and read each line. This can be time consuming.
Reviews from others:
Link http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ahrq-epss/id311852560?mt=8
Link http://www.imedicalapps.com/2011/05/practice-evidencebased-preventive-care-department-health-human-services-ahrq-epss-app-app-review/
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