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Review Author:
Platform: iOS
App or Mobile Website: App (link to App Store)
Does it require WiFi to work? No
Category: Reference
Price: Free
Special Instructions: Price is free with Miner's subscription with Lexicomp. Once installed, you will need to register. I deleted the Lexicomp app after I had registered it and later added it back to my iPad. The second time I tried to register it, the message said I had already registered it to too many devices and was blocked from registering. I had to call Lexicomp, and the help desk immediately unblocked the registration. They said it's necessary to call Lexicomp to clear a blocked registration.
Tasks or Searches Tested: Searched a number of drugs, diseases, something for each category on both desktop and iPad versions.
Design: Not intuitive, unless you're looking up the name of a drug.
Functionality: Searching: The desktop version provides an All Text search and 13 other types of searches, and you can search all the sections at once. On the iPad version, you must first choose the category within Lexi-Drugs to search and you can search only the headings that are also browsable for each category. For example, to find an Algorithm titled Adult Bradycardia, it's necessary to choose the category Charts & Special Topics and then browse to Adult ACLS Algorithms. Entering bradycardia into the app's searchbox will find nothing, while entering the same search on the desktop version will find plenty. The app's browsing list does include letters of the alphabet on the right side of the screen to make it easier to quickly move to a particular letter. Navigating: When within a record, you can use the Jump button at the top right of the screen to move to a list of categories in the record and then to another category. Within the record you can touch categories to hide text and show only headings. From references, you can open the PubMed record. I found it difficult to return from the PubMed record to Lexicomp. Tap the home button twice and tap the Lexicomp app button at the bottom of the screen, then PubMed reappears with the Library icon at the bottom of the screen. Tap the Library icon to return to Lexicomp. (There may be an easier way.)
Content: The app includes Lexi-Drugs, Interact, and Lexi-CALC only. Since these are probably the most used sections, this should work fine for most users. Drug ID and Patient Education are available for the iPad, but they are not included in Miner's subscription. As far as I could tell, all of the substances listed on the desktop version of Lexi-Drugs, Interact, and Lexi-CALC are also in the iPad version. The iPad version of Lexi-Drugs omitted a very small number of categories, such as Metabolism/Transport Effects, Monitoring: Lab Tests, Dosage Forms, Pharmacogenomic Genes of Interest, and Local Anesthetic/Vasoconstrictor Precautions. The app does not list all of Lexi-Drug's categories in the same order as the desktop version.
Other Comments: The Lexicomp app definitely has comprehensive information about drugs. I think people may find the limited search options frustrating and some of the navigation confusing.
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