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Pocket Body

Review Author:
Platform: iOS
App or Mobile Website: App (link to App Store)
Does it require WiFi to work? No
Category: Reference
Price: $29.99
Special Instructions: None
Tasks or Searches Tested: Body views, layers, Search, Body Map, Quizzes
Design: Very clear and easy to use.
Functionality: Pocket Body has a very intuitive interface, including a helpful menu on the left side. The Body Map button and the Search on the upper right allow you to go to exactly the body part you want. Use the normal two-finger method to zoom in or out of a part of the body. Touch the pins placed on various body parts to see labels. Touch the label for a little more information about each body part. Or hide the pins altogether. You can place your own pins, write notes, and take quizzes. The pins change color as you select them and when you answer questions correctly. You can take screenshots and email, Twitter, or keep them as photos. (The screenshots took a whole day to arrive in my email, though.)
Content: A slider bar at the bottom of the screen helps you navigate through 9 layers from outside to inside, starting with skin, to 6 layers of muscle, joints and ligaments, and ending with bones. Blood vessels and nerves are mixed in with the other layers. The brain, since it is totally enclosed inside the skull, isn?t covered at all. Pocket Body shows organs such as kidneys, liver, and heart in their place within the skeleton, but not separately. It is not possible to tell what the shape of the kidney is, for example. EMedia produces a separate app devoted to the heart.
Other Comments: Pocket Body won the European MEDEA (Media in Education) award. UC Irvine med students used this in the anatomy lab. They put iPads inside ziplock bags and used them with gloved hands and a stylus. As of October 2012, Pocket Body allows the user to rotate the body images 360 degrees for more complete views than the front, back, and side views that it previously showed. Also, the price has dropped to $14.99 until the end of October.
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