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Review Author:
Platform: iOS
App or Mobile Website: App (link to App Store)
Does it require WiFi to work? Yes
Category: Medical
Price: Free
Special Instructions: Only iPhone version is available. No other steps required.
Tasks or Searches Tested: "Coach" which are narrated ultrasound videos - Checked some in different fields: Nursing, Cardiology, Internal Medicine "Cases" narrated case studies with images and video "Images" checked different specialties "Guides" checked a few of these additional resources Caveat: This application is designed for a medical professional and/or medical student, so my evaluation is very limited because I do not have a clear idea of when and how this app would be used.
Design: Clear navigation, easy to understand where to find resources. Clean, clear design with thumbnails and brief descriptions for each resource. Issue was that there is no iPad app, so screen images were too small. The videos and guides themselves were media rich and elegantly presented - looked like a lot of work went into developing these learning materials.
Functionality: No bugs - this product worked smoothly and easily. Although navigation by specialty was clean, I didn?t see any search feature, which would likely be an issue if someone wanted to look for a specific topic without having to drill down then read all of the media titles.
Content: Several media rich videos, references, case studies in over 13 fields of medicine, but some topics/folders were empty or only had one or two items, e.g. only 2 ultrasound "coaching" videos for all of Nursing specialty. I gather that that the media collection is limited. For this app the navigation is by top level.
Other Comments: In summary, the design and navigation are excellent, but there seemed to be a very limited number of resources in each category. While the resources provided seemed extremely well-designed and informative, the experience on the iPad was not great due to the small size - no iPad app available.
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