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PubMed on Tap

Review Author: Donna_Berryman@URMC.Rochester.edu
Platform: iOS
App or Mobile Website: App (link to App Store)
Does it require WiFi to work? Yes
Category: Reference
Price: $2.99
Special Instructions: To access UR libraries e-journals enter the following EZProxy URL under Settings substituting USERNAME & PASSWORD with your URMC Active Directory (network/e-mail) user name & password: https://ezpminer.urmc.rochester.edu/login?user=USERNAME&pass=PASSWORD&url=%@ Be sure to include the %@ at the end of the URL
Tasks or Searches Tested: "systematic review"[TIAB] AND "university of Rochester"[AD] Asthma AND caffeine Surgical procedures, minimally invasive/nursing AND spine
Design: -Very simple & streamlined interface. Searching is easy - as long as you're doing easy searching. Complex MeSH heading searches may not work as well here as on the full version of PubMed. While the full PubMed has Advanced Search function and Limits, there are no comparable features in this app.
Functionality: -The app quickly retrieves citations. You can decide to display results by publication order or by the order the citations were entered in PubMed. -If the proxy is configured, the app will be able to retrieve electronic full text of journal articles available from Miner Library. Chosen citations can be saved in a library for future use. -Citations can be emailed in RIS format for use with Bookends or Endnote.
Content: This app searches the PubMed database and, with the proxy successfully entered and turned on, this app allows access to UR libraries e-journal.
Other Comments: -When terms are entered into the search box, the app pulls up the onscreen keyboard with a bonus: several commonly used field tags are available, ready to be used with a tap of the finger (includes AND, OR, [AU], [MH], etc). Additional "shortcut" tags can be added to the group simply by editing the "shortcut field". -This app was originally designed for the iPhone and, in a way, it looks and acts like it was. That's OK - but, for the iPad, I'm not sure this is superior to just going to the PubMed site & have the opportunity to use all its advanced features.
Reviews from others:
Link Description iMedicalApps (Jan. 2012), CNET (3/30/2010)
Link http://www.imedicalapps.com/2011/01/best-top-pubmed-iphone-ipad-medical-apps/4/
Link http://download.cnet.com/PubMed-On-Tap-for-iPhone/3000-2129_4-10910749.html
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