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Flashcards Deluxe Lite

Review Author: William_Morrison@URMC.Rochester.edu
Platform: iOS
App or Mobile Website: App (link to App Store)
Does it require WiFi to work? No
Category: Education
Price: Free
Special Instructions: None.
Tasks or Searches Tested: I tested downloading several decks and then cycling through the decks in the decks in the variety of ways available. The app has a built in link to Quizlet which provides free, searchable access to ~ 8.5 million flashcard decks. All functionality worked as designed.
Design: Provides the ability to randomize the card order and specify which side to display. Additionally, it can randomize which side of the card is displayed with a given deck.
Functionality: Full functioning version except for the deck and card number limitations - the "Lite" version only lets you have 4 decks with 6 cards per deck. Because of this the app should be considered a demo app to determine whether a user wants to spend $3.99 on the full version. It has all of the features to be expected in an electronic flashcard app. It is usage is intuitive and requires very little time to learn how to use it effectively. Allows the user to see the percent of correct "answers" based on
Content: User provided (entered) or downloaded from Quizlet.
Other Comments: I found it easy to use and the Introduction Deck was very helpful in explaining how to use the features and change settings. If you'd rather not spend $3.99 on the full version, Flashcards+ is free app with no ads and has 4774 reviews with an average over 4.5 stars. While I did find it less intuitive and not quite as user friendly as Flashcards Deluxe, once I got the hang of it I was able use it just as effectively.
Reviews from others:
Link Description Review of full version on: theiphoneappreview.com 12/10/09
Link http://www.theiphoneappreview.com/2009/12/flashcards-deluxe-a-must-have-educational-app/
Link Description The rating below based on the fact that the app reviewed is useable only as a demo of the paid app. It is a great demo of the paid app, however, it is otherwise useless.
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