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Laptop Lending Program

If you have a valid University of Rochester ID, you can borrow a laptop (PC or Mac), iPad, or iPad charging unit from the Answer Desk. Each laptop comes equipped with Microsoft Office Suite and popular web browsers like Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome. You'll also get a laptop case and power cord.

Customer Responsibilities and Loan Period

  • Anyone borrowing equipment first must sign an Electronic Equipment Agreement Form.
  • The loan period is six hours. One renewal is allowed.
  • All equipment MUST be returned to the Answer Desk one hour prior to the library's closing. Equipment may not be returned at other UR libraries.
  • Overdue fines are $5 per hour, with a maximum of $35. Replacement fees are outlined in the Agreement form.

Saving Your Work

IMPORTANT! Material saved on the hard drive or desktop WILL BE LOST when the computer is shut down or loses power for any reason.  The library assumes no responsibility for the loss of, or damage to, any file placed on or used on the laptop.

Save your work frequently to a permanent location by either:

  • bullet Saving to your personal USB flash memory drive.
  • bullet E-mailing your work as an attachment.




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