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Email on Mobile Devices

Configure your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap the Mail, Contacts, Calendars icon
  3. Tap on Add Account
  4. Select Microsoft Exchange
  5. Enter your Exchange email address in the 'Email" field (
  6. Enter your URMC password in the "password" field
  7. Enter URMC in the description field
  8. Tap Next
  9. The device will try to verify the Exchange server
  10. Enter in the Server field
  11. Enter urmc-sh in the Domain field
  12. Enter your Active Directory Username in the Username field (the username used to access your email)
  13. Tap Next
  14. It should then verify all fields.
  15. On the Synchronization screen, set your preferences. Tap Save and you are done.

Configure your Android Device

Keep in mind there are many different Android devices. These exact steps may not match your device, but the settings should be consistent.

  1. Configuring URMC email on a mobile device requires the device to be encrypted. If the user is uncomfortable with applying ISD’s security settings (encryption) to the entire device we recommend other options such as Nine Mail2. This type of app partitions itself from the rest of the system and the security settings only apply to that partition. Divide is another popular option, is no longer supported or updated by the creator). If there is a problem encrypting the phone or, more likely, the SD card, you may have to use Nine Mail.
  2. You can either go to the Settings app → Accounts → Add Account or go into Settings in their preferred e-mail app and tap Add Account.
  3. Select the option containing the text (Microsoft) Exchange or Active Sync. It may be worded slightly differently depending on the device or OS. On an older devices/OS, the account type was Corporate Email.
  4. Initially it will ask for the email address and password. If the option is there, choose Manual Setup. You can usually find it below the password field on the right. Otherwise, you will have to wait for the setup attempt to time out before it moves to the manual setup.
  5. Android OS makes some assumptions based on the email address, which are wrong for our system.
  6. Username: It assumes it is the part before the “@” symbol. Change it to your AD username.
  7. Server: It assumes it is the part after the “@” symbol. Add “mail” to the beginning. The full server address is
  8. Domain: URMC-SH Sometimes it is a separate field, sometimes it needs to go before the username. If you do not see a separate field, it likely needs to go before the username.If you empty the username field, the placeholder text will show what is required.
  9. You can leave all other settings at their defaults.
  10. After the initial handshake to the server is successful, it will want to push security settings. If the user is fine with the settings, accept them and proceed.
  11. The security settings will initiate encryption of the device if it is not already encrypted. Usually it requires the battery to be at least 80% charged or plugged in. If it cannot encrypt right then, let the user know that once they plug in their phone, encryption will start and they can access their email once encryption finishes.

Configure your Windows Mobile Device

  1. Go to Settings/email +accounts and select add an account
  2. Tap Outlook
  3. Under Account name line enter URMC
  4. In the user name field enter your username 
  5. Enter your URMC password in the Password line
  6. Enter URMC-SH in the Domain line
  7. Enter in the Server line
  8. Verify the box for "Server requires encrypted (SSL) connection is checked
  9. Tap the check box to complete