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Find Impact Factors

What are Journal Impact Factors?

Journal impact factors are one way to evaluate the importance of a journal. It is a measure of how often articles from a particular journal are cited in other academic publications in a particular year. You should not depend entirely on the impact factor to judge the quality of a journal: citation bias occurs when authors cite their own work, review articles often generate more citations than research articles, new journals need time to develop a citation record, and different fields of research publish at different rates.

How to Find Impact Factors

Click on JCR (Impact Factors) located under Helpful Tools on the Miner Library website.

Browse by Journal or Category.

Biomedical journals will be covered in the JCR Science Edition. Some fields such as Nursing, will be covered in both the JCR Science and JCR Social Science Editions which are identified by SCIE and SSCI below.

To identify the highest cited journals in a particular field choose the "Select Categories" option to make find the field you are looking for and click submit.


To look up a specific journal's impact factor choose the "Select Journals" option and enter the journal title you are looking for and click submit.


Click on the Journal Title to see detailed information including the Impact Factor Trend showing the impact factor over five years, and the journal's Subject Categories.


Because impact factors mean little on their own, you may want to see where the journal ranks with others in the same subject category.

Scroll down to source data then click here to view Journal Relationships.