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Susan Andersen

Susan Andersen

2017 Recipient
of the
Julia F. Sollenberger
Recognition Award

Recipients of the FURL/Miner Library
Staff Recognition Award (2000-2016):

Our Vision Requires Acrobat Reader   and Values Requires Acrobat Reader



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  • Travel Request (Excel format) (revised 01/16/18)
  • Travel Expense Calculator (Excel format. This is totally optional, to help you track and summarize your expenses during your trip. You can print a copy before you leave, fold it in thirds, and use it to hold all your receipts. If you don't want to use it, that's OK. Just give Admin Office your receipts when you return.)
  • Exception Log Requires Acrobat Reader (for reporting missed or interrupted meal periods and other non-work time)

Performance Management

Policies and Procedures

  • Guidelines for the Acceptable Use of the Medical Libraries Facilities and Resources

    Policy: Rules for User Conduct Requires Acrobat Reader (NOTE: This also is published for the public on our "About" page.)
    Procedure (How to respond to alleged misuse of resources, including pornography.


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