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Institute for Innovative Education

Course Reserve Guide

Deadlines for Reserve Requests

Materials needed during the first weeks of the semester should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the beginning of classes.

During peak periods, processing of materials can take up to 5 days. This can take longer, however, if copyright permission needs to be obtained, if materials being placed on reserve are charged out to another customer, or if the library doesn't own the item.

Please mail or bring the required forms (see below), the materials to be placed on reserve, and a copy of the course syllabus to the Answer Desk.

Closed Reserve

Faculty may use Closed Reserve to allow students access to readings and reserve materials when the library is open. All photocopied articles and personal copies of books on Closed Reserve are shelved behind the Answer Desk. The library will place books from the general collection on Closed Reserve if the instructor has reason to believe that the material will be in high demand.

  • -Customers must have a valid, current ID to borrow these materials.
  • - Items may be borrowed for 2 hours and are for use in the library only.
  • - Limit: four items may be borrowed at one time.
  • - Fines: 75 cents per hour


Books Owned by University of Rochester Libraries

Print the Book/Personal Copy Form pdf and list each item (including the call number) that you want placed on reserve. If you don't know the call number, you can find it in the Library Catalog, the online catalog for all of the University of Rochester Libraries . (Note: River Campus libraries can refuse to lend materials to us. We will notify you if this occurs.)

Personal Copies

Print the Book/Personal Copy Form pdf. Add "personal copy" next to the entry and place your name in the book to facilitate its return to you. Place personal copies on reserve as a last resort.


The library can purchase books to place on reserve. However, we cannot purchase required textbooks or exam preparation manuals. The Purchase Request Form is available electronically. If we cannot get an item, you will be notified. All efforts will be made to quickly process reserve purchase requests, but internal processing may slow availability for several week.

Electronic Reserve

Faculty may use Blackboard, the URMC course management system, to allow students access to readings and course materials 24/7 from any workstation that has internet access and Adobe Reader. Use the Blackboard Electronic Reserve User Instruction Guide to place materials on electronic reserve.

Copyright Information

...for print journal articles and book chapters used in Closed or Electronic Reserve.

The library will place excerpts from copyrighted works on Closed or Electronic Reserves in accordance with the Fair Use guidelines listed in the UR Copyright Policy, which govern formal classroom distribution of photocopied materials and extends to reserve readings as well. Included in the institutional copyright policy is the UR Fair Use Analysis Checklist. We encourage you to complete the checklist before submitting reserve requests. SMD faculty also should complete the Copyright Permission Request Form pdf if copyright permission is required for any of the items. We'll forward your request to the Center for Experiential Learning (CEL) and they will obtain copyright permission. The CEL will pay for any copyright fees. SON faculty should contact their department secretary if copyright permission needs to be obtained.

If you don't require copyright permission for your course materials, keep the completed UR Fair Use Analysis Worksheet for your files.

In addition to completing the UR Fair Use Analysis Checklist to determine if copyright permission should be obtained, the following must be included with each photocopied journal article or book chapter before it is placed on reserve in order to ensure copyright compliance:

  1. title, date, and volume (if from a journal)
  2. the copyright symbol�
  3. the name of the copyright holder (publisher)
  4. the year of publication

Copyright information for a journal article is located on the page with the table of contents or on the reverse side of the page: e.g. � 1990 The New York Academy of Sciences (from the Annals of the NY Academy of Sciences v 609). Copyright information for a book is located on the reverse of the title page: e.g. � 1990 The C.V. Mosby Company (from Melasanos, et. al. Health Assessment). Articles and chapters photocopied from copyrighted publications and bound into an anthology may not be accepted by the library for the reserve collection unless accompanied by letters of permission from the copyright holders.

NOTE: The Library will not place more than one chapter from the same book on reserve without documentation that copyright permission has been received.

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