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Molecular Biology Software


Licensed Software


IPA (Ingenuity Pathways Analysis)

The UR Genomics Research Center (GRC) and Miner Library have partnered to bring you the IPA site license.

IPA enables you to identify the biological mechanisms, pathways, and functions most relevant to your experimental data sets or genes of interest. With IPA, you can:

• search the scientific literature,
• build dynamic pathway models.
• analyze experimental data, and
• share research and collaborate with colleagues.

Under our contract:

•The site license supports only one person/log on at a time.

•To cover the annual cost of IPA, there is a charge of $25 per hour. Registered users are charged quarterly. (You will be asked to provide necessary billing information.)

•The cost per hour and the number of licenses is re-evaluated semi-annually to ensure optimal cost recovery and meet demand from users. If additional licenses are purchased, the hourly cost will be increased accordingly, based on usage.

Register for IPA

In addition, you may find the following pages from the INGENUITY IPA website helpful:

General Information
Customer Support

Vector NTI Advance®

Vector NTI Advance® is an integrated sequence analysis and data management software package that allows analysis, manipulation, construction, storage, and management of complex biological molecules. You can:

• perform routine sequence analysis tasks, such as restriction mapping and identifying protein coding regions;
• generate recombinant cloning strategies and protocols; and
• design and analyze PCR primers.

You can register here for a Vector NTI Advance® account . University of Rochester Medical Center faculty, staff, and students are eligible to register. Usage is limited to on-campus computers connected to the URMC network.

After you register, you'll be able to view additional details about the download and installation process.

PLEASE NOTE: To install the software you must have administrative rights for your computer. If you don't have administrative rights or you are not sure, contact your department's computer support staff for assistance.

In addition, you may find the following pages from the Vector NTI Advance® website helpful:

Installation Guide
Quick Start Guide
User's Manual
Vector NTI Customer Support

Statistical and Scientific Software

University Information Technology on River Campus licenses statistical, mathematical, and scientific software for the use of UR faculty, staff, and students, including JMP, Mathematica, Matlab, S-Plus, SAS, SPSS, Stata, Amira, and ChemDraw. Use of most software requires payment of a license fee. Go to University IT Software Site Licenses for more information.


NCBI Software and Databases

The U.S. National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) supports and distributes a variety of publicly available databases and software for the medical and scientific communities. These include GenBank, UniGene, OMIM, BLAST, Entrez Gene, Entrez Genome, and Nucleotide. The NCBI Welcome page provides links to the software and databases as well as information on their use.

For all other questions, feel free to contact Miner's Bioinformatics Consulting and Education Service (275-6940).

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