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NCBI Update

Changes are coming to how you log into your NCBI account. 

Miner Library is here to help support you during this transition. Please view this guide for step by step instructions on how to link to a federated account which you will need beginning June 1, 2021. 

What is happening?

NCBI will be transitioning to federated account credentials. NCBI-managed credentials are the username and password you set at NCBI — these will be going away. Federated account credentials are those set through eRA Commons, Google, or a university or institutional point of access.

Why is this happening?

NIH, NLM, and NCBI take your privacy and security very seriously. As part of our normal reviews we have determined that making this change will increase the security of your accounts to a level that we feel is necessary.

When is this happening?

After June 1, 2021, you will no longer be able to use NCBI-managed credentials to login to NCBI.

What do I need to do?

If you currently use a federated login to access your NCBI account, you don’t have to do anything! Just be aware that if you also access your account with an NCBI-managed username and password, that route will be going away.

If you only have NCBI-managed credentials and you’d like to get a head start on this transition, you can do the following now:

  1. Login to NCBI the way you usually do.
  2. Click on your username in the top bar to load your NCBI Account Settings page.
  3. If your Settings page looks like Figure 1, where you have a “Native NCBI Account” username and password and have no linked accounts, then you will need to add a linked account.
  4. To add a linked account, click the “Change” button under Linked Accounts.
  5. Select the 3rd party option that is right for you. 

Miner Library recommends updating your NCBI credentials to the University of Rochester institutional log-in, ORCiD, or ERA commons. 

For additional options please see this list of recommendations.

What about my account data?

This change will not affect the actual data in your account, such as your MyBibliography, SciENcv, or submission data. The only thing that is changing are the credentials you use to access your account.

For additional information from NCBI, including tips and FAQs, on this transition, please visit NCBI Insights here

If you have questions or need additional assistance please contact Miner Library