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Developing a Blackboard Course for iPad

A guide to help SMD course and clerkship coordinators prepare and upload documents to Blackboard that students will access with their iPads. Links to Blackboard Support, timed adaptive release rules, and how to name documents can be found in this guide.


Links to Free Multimedia Sources

A repository of copyright-free images, audio, and video to be used for educational purposes.


Create Persistent Links To Electronic Journal Articles

Learn how to create a persistent link from an electronic journal and include it in a Blackboard course.



TurningPoint and ResponseWare


TurningPoint is real-time assessment software that allows course learners to anonymously respond to a variety of types of questions, including multiple choice, alphanumeric, short answer, ranking and multiple response, via any web- enable device or via clickers. Results are immediately displayed in bar graphs on mobile devices and in the instructors presentation.

ResponseWare is the web-enabled response option that can be used in place of clickers. It is downloaded as an iOS and Android app and can be accessed from any web browser.


TurningPoint Web Links

Getting Started with TurningPoint and ResponseWare

Scheduling a TurningPoint Polling Session using ResponseWare

Obtaining the Session ID for a TurningPoint Session using ResponseWare

What to Know about using the ResponseWare App

Download the ResponseWare App



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