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Hahnemann Hospital

Mission Statement

The Mission of the J.R. Williams Health Sciences Library Archives is to document the history, development, and growth of Highland Hospital, and to make the collection available for clinical, research, educational, and promotional purposes.  This is accomplished by gathering and preserving materials generated by or related to individuals and institutions associated with Highland Hospital.


Archives at Highland Hospital

The J. R. Williams Health Sciences Library Archives serve as a repository for the historical records pertaining to the development and growth of Highland Hospital. 
The Archives will maintain historical, administrative, and legal documents and memorabilia.  The Archives do not maintain patient records, accounting ledgers,
or other medical record documents.  Only such material that can be safely and reasonably stored, preserved, and protected will be accepted. 

Digital Archives

The digital archives provide public electronic access via the Web to selected images from the historical archives of Highland Hospital. These images focus on the history
of Highland Hospital as a pioneer in health care and nursing education in Rochester
in the early twentieth century.

The primary goal of the project is to make accessible, through digitization and
storage in a regional database, selected photographic images, and thus enable
us to share Highland’s rich history with students, researchers, and the general
public. In addition, digitization of these images is an ideal mechanism for
enhancing their preservation for future generations.

Images will be selected from two distinct collections: Highland Hospital,
and the Highland Hospital School of Nursing. These images have
already proven of great interest and research value to local historians, authors, physicians, and educators. Providing public electronic access to surrogate
images though a searchable database will increase the availability of this
underused but unique collection to a wide variety of interested persons.
Students, teachers, researchers, and historians will be able to view a vibrant selection of primary source materials that is normally beyond their reach –
without the risk that these images might be lost or damaged.

Contact Information

John R. Williams Health Sciences Library
Highland Hospital 
Box 49
1000 South Avenue
Rochester, New York 14620
(585) 341-6761


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