Interlibrary loan -
frequently asked questions

What is ILLIad?

ILLiad is the automated document delivery system supported by the Edward G. Miner Library at the University of Rochester Medical Center. ILLiad allows the user to place interlibrary loan requests directly online.

How does ILLiad work?

First time ILLiad users must register to establish a username and password. Once registered, you can place additional requests, check the status of existing requests, or cancel requests, simply by accessing ILLiad with your user name and password. Instructions for registering and using ILLiad at Highland

When should I use ILLiad?

If you need books or journal articles that the Williams Library does not own, use ILLiad. To avoid delays, check the online catalog and the digital library before making a request.

If I want a book or journal from Miner Library, should I use ILLiad?

Physicians or staff with University of Rochester ID badges may check out items from Miner Library. All other users should place a request through ILLiad.

How will I know if my book or journal article has arrived?

You will be notified by Miner Library when requested materials are available.

How will I receive articles or books?

You will have the option of receiving most journal articles electronically or in print. Books and articles that are not available electronically will be sent to Williams Health Sciences Library, or held at Miner Library for pick-up. Select your preferred pick-up location when you register for ILLiad.

Please note, if you request that books be sent to Williams Library, you should call in advance (341-6761) to make sure the book has been delivered from Miner.

Why is ILLiad an advantage for me?

ILLiad provides faster processing of loan requests, so you receive articles sooner. Plus, you will be able to receive most articles electronically.

Is there a fee for using ILLiad?

There is no charge for interlibrary loan at Highland. However, when registering in ILLiad, you must indicate that you are affiliated with Highland.

For assistance with ILLiad, stop by the Library, call 341-6761, or
Ask A Librarian.

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