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LSLC On The Road


Can't come to the LSLC? We'll come to you! Our LSLC on the Road programs feature practicing scientists, LSLC staff, and loads of science activities. We bring all our supplies and turn your location into a fully functioning science lab. The LSLC On the Road programs being featured for 2018-2019 are Medicines and Me I and Medicines and Me II .

  • LSLC On the Road programs are offered to secondary schools located within 30 miles of LSLC
  • Programs run for 2-3 hours (depending on the program and number of participants)
  • Cost for a class up to 30 students is $250 (additional same-day sessions are $150)
  • Cost for a class with more than 30 students is $325 (additional same-day sessions are $200)

The LSLC is offering waived fees this year! To be eligible for these discounted lessons student participants must be accompanied by their parent(s)/guardian(s). These lessons are intended to enhance student learning by engaging the household. The parent/student lessons can be held at a community location of choice. The times for these lesson are scheduled per request and include day/evening options for sessions. A minimum of 8 parent/student pairs are required per session.  If interested in these unique hands on learning experiences, please select "parent/student lessons" when registering using the sign up link at the bottom of the webpage.

Medicines and Me I: Drug Interactions (2 hours)

Students learn how scientists use lab tests in the development of an over-the-counter (OTC) medicine and they also learn about the safe and effective use of OTCs. The hands-on lab activities focus on OTC drug interactions with diet, dietary supplements, and other drugs.  Lab and math skills for this lesson include how to make a dilution and serial dilutions and calculating the concentration of a solution.

Core Concepts:

  • Determining the effective dose of over-the counter (OTC) medicine
  • Reading Drug Facts Labels
  • Potential Drug Interactions and adverse side effects
  • OTC Awareness Campaign

Medicines and Me II: Medicines can look like candy (2 hours)

Students compare the accuracy of using medicine dosing cups with common kitchen spoons and flatware to measure liquid medicine. This activity leads them to understand the need for proper measuring tools. It also helps them understand why drug companies make medicine in various forms.  Students learn how to measure solutions and compounds using a graduated cylinder and a bench top balance. They learn new terms such as inactive and active ingredients as they formulate a mock gummy pain reliever medicine.  Lastly, students develop a marketing campaign for safely advertising OTC medicines to adults and not children, because medicine can look like candy.

Core Concepts:classroom

  • Measuring liquid medicine with a dosing cup is different than using kitchen spoons/flatware
  • Medicine comes in different formulations (liquid, tablet, gel, gummy, etc.)
  • Medicines can look like candy
  • Safe advertising of OTCs medicines


ADDITIONAL information

Sign up for our LSLC On the Road and Parent/Student On the Road lessons HERE. Registrations are on a first-come first-served basis. A member of the LSLC staff will contact you after your online form has been submitted. Secure your LSLC lessons early while dates are available. Confirmed trips are posted to the online calendar. Please review the LSLC Policies page for important information regarding all Outreach Programs.

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