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Hidden Opportunities for Managing Stress

Many factors can contribute to workplace stress. Some may be out of your awareness. Discover them with a guided approach. Consider working with a counselor or Life-Work Connections/EAP to find interventions in the following areas: Your workload, capabilities, need for resources, techniques, or approaches to the job; discovery of more meaning in the work; finding inspiration; your need to be creative; your role and its modification; being given more responsibility; required time/frequency of work; quantity of work; time pressure; participation in decisions; having more choices in actions taken at work; improved communication with boss/coworkers; improved social interactions; resolution of disputes/coping with others; opportunities for leadership; and examination of work-life balance. Modifying any of these factors could lead to the relief you seek from overwhelming job stress.

Looking for a time-out in the middle of your busy work day? Join Life-Work Connections/EAP and Well-U for a guided relaxation on Tuesday, January 17 from 12:15-12:45 p.m. at College Town. Enroll Online.


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