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Stress Management: Discover Your “Flow”

One important stress management technique is detachment, which helps build resilience. An example is taking a vacation. One powerful and healthy way to detach that you may not have heard of is “flow activity.” A flow activity is any activity such as gardening, painting, reading for pleasure, needlework, or dancing that can absorb your complete attention in a meaningful, goal-directed, pleasurable, and completely distracting way. When you are busy and under stress, it’s easy to fall into an “eat-sleep-work-repeat” cycle. Interrupting this course of stress with two to three hours a week of flow activities that help you completely detach will significantly elevate your happiness. You will experience more balance and engagement with your job. Watch this video to learn more.

Join Well-U for a mindfulness overview and learn about Yoga Nidra on Friday, October 7 from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in Helen Wood Hall, room 1W509. Enroll online.

Tracy Bussey | 10/3/2016

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