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Assessment & Counseling

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(585) 276-9110

We're dedicated to providing highly focused, confidential, and goal-oriented counseling. Individual case management, including follow-up, ensures appropriate and successful support. An EAP professional will evaluate your specific needs and recommend the appropriate form of treatment. This may include short-term counseling at EAP and/or a referral to resources in the community.

What to Expect

If you will require longer than short-term interventions, we will refer you to the most appropriate resource to meet your needs. We will also provide information and an explanation of whether these resources will be covered through your health insurance. If coverage is unavailable, we will attempt to identify and recommend affordable services.

During your initial visit or two, we will evaluate your reason for contacting us and recommend an appropriate form of intervention or treatment. 

Guidance & Resources

We provide resources for achieving work/life balance, including child/eldercare resources, divorce services, financial resources, legal consultations, and referrals through our network of specialists.

Provider Network/Referrals

EAP has developed a network of providers and other resources to ensure you receive the highest level of care. If you or your family member require more than the contracted number of visits or more urgent care is required than that provided by EAP, you will be referred to a resource that meets your individualized needs.