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Mediation and Legal Services

Facing separation or divorce? We can refer you to a mediator. Employees can contact one of the two mediator’s listed below:

mediationJohn R. Piper, Mediator
Mutual Choices
(585) 244-1600
(585) 409-9556

Renee O. LaPoint, M.S., Mediator
Divorce and Family Mediation Services, Inc.
(585) 269-8140

Both mediators’ practices are based here in Rochester, and have made their services available to our clients at a 20% discount of their current fees (new clients only). An initial $50 consultation fee provides a full hour of the mediator’s time to see if the mediation process is right for you. Below is a synopsis of the mediation process for separation/divorce.

Separation/Divorce Mediation

Separation/Divorce mediation can provide a cost and time-saving choice for couples and families facing separation and divorce. Most mediated agreements can be completed in a matter of weeks. At the same time, mediation gives couples the decision-making control and allows couples to take ownership for those decisions.

Divorce mediation is a voluntary settlement process used frequently and successfully by married couples who want to separate or divorce, and by domestic partners who want to separate. Divorce mediation gives couples the option to plan their futures in a manner in which makes sense to the couple and in an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual respect. With the assistance of a trained divorce mediator, participants can reach an agreement that is custom-made for their own family, finances and future. Mediation is a completely confidential process.

Participants in mediation are encouraged to seek the services of other professionals (e.g. legal, financial, mental health, etc.) at any time they believe it to be in their interest to do so. At the end of the mediation process, couples are encouraged to then seek legal representation for the processing of all paperwork.

Why Divorce Mediation?

  • The cost of a mediated divorce is estimated to be 65 to 75 percent less than the cost of an adversarial litigated divorce.
  • A typical mediated agreement can be accomplished in weeks, not months or years as with litigation.
  • Participants make the decisions and create an agreement that they both find acceptable, enhancing the ability to work together in the future as co-parents, when children and involved.
  • Mediation strives to give the parties a voice and an active role in the decision making process.