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Biological Supply Center

Special Order Schedule

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VENDOR Days Ordered
Appx.Days to Delivery*
Invitrogen M, T, W, Th 1 - 2 days

M, W, Th

1 day
Qiagen M, W 2 days
Fermentas M, W, Th 1 day
N.E.B. M, W, Th 1 day
Stratagene M, W, Th 1 day
National Diagnostics M, W, Th 3-4 days
VWR / Cellgro NA NA
Sigma NA NA

*All orders must be brought to us by 12 Noon except on Thursdays when they must be in by 11:00 AM


ALL special orders must be accompanied by a

SMH 312 (blue requisition).

Send comments to the attention of Bill Smith: