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Interactive Website Designed to Enhance Observation

Designed to enhance skills of observation in ways that can be translated to the clinical setting.

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Annotated Bibliographies

URSMD students continuously create this annotated bibliography as part of an independent research ethics elective. The goal of the elective is to allow the student to identify an ethics topic of interest and conduct substantive independent research on that topic under the guidance of faculty. By publishing this material on the Medical Humanities and Bioethics Division webpages, we hope to encourage and facilitate collaborative learning. While the material is not co-constructed in a wiki or blog format, our hope is that students will build upon the research of others and, over time, create a useful resource for students interested in ethical issues in medicine and health care. We have organized the content by topic and will continue to adjust the organization structure as students add to the collection. We welcome suggestions and comments.

View a list of annotated bibliographies.