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Scheduling New Patients for the University of Rochester Endocrinology Clinics

SMH Internal Referrals

For Physicians on e-RECORD

Referring Physicians participating in the e-Record electronic charting system need only create a "REF-Endocrine Order."  IMPORTANT:  Support Staff must be sure to release the order to the endocrine staff pool.

Only pertinent lab results/clinic notes and special test results information done outside of the URMC/Strong Memorial Hospital system need to be included.

External Referrals

Download Referral Forms

All New Patient appointments must be scheduled directly with a referring physician office.  Endocrine does not accept or schedule any self-referred patients.

  • If a patient calls to schedule a new patient appointment then the patient is notified that a referring doctor’s office must call directly.

Referring doctor’s office: 

  1. Please call (585) 275-2901 to arrange for a consultation.
  2. Endocrinology will fax a “New Patient Sheet” to the referring physician’s office.

    All requested information MUST be returned via fax to: (585) 273-1288.

    If the referring physician has questions or wishes for an urgent consultation, please let us know and the physician on call will be notified as needed.

  3. Referrals will be reviewed to make certain that patients are referred to the most appropriate physician in the endocrine practice and that the more urgent patients be seen sooner.
  4. The Endocrine Clinic will notify both the patient and the referring physician as to the date and time of the consultation within three (3) working days of the initial request.
  5. Referrals should include:
    • Most recent: labs/ ultrasounds/ MRI's/ dexa scans
    • Most recent office notes
    • Please note if the referral is considered urgent