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Strong Internal Medicine: Our Team

One of the things that clearly separates Strong Internal Medicine from other practices is our team approach. Our unique combination of highly respected faculty members, experienced nurses and nurse practitioners, and gifted young residents provides patients with an exceptional level of care.

This approach is readily available at a medical center like the University of Rochester Medical Center. We believe it is the very best way to provide care to our patients.

Faculty members are doctors who have positions on the faculty of the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry. Our faculty members are internal medicine doctors who see patients and also teach at our medical school or hold administrative positions. This helps to put them at the leading edge of care. Some of our faculty members are researchers. They perform research that could help to provide even better care for our patients in the future.

Meet our Faculty Members

Residents are fully-qualified doctors who are licensed to practice in New York State. Patients sometimes think residents are medical students, but that’s not the case. Residents are medical doctors who are typically with us for three years as they extend their learning. Every resident works closely with faculty members. If you have a resident as your primary doctor, you will sometimes see a faculty member as well. Every doctor visit with a resident will also be reviewed with a faculty member. If your regular doctor is a faculty member, you may be asked if a resident can see you, too. This helps our residents to learn and also gives you another excellent perspective on your health.

Nurses and nurse practitioners are a critical part of any internal medicine practice. Through their work in our practice, they have been exposed to an unusually wide range of patients, medical conditions, and leading edge treatments. We rely on them daily for their expertise and compassion, and our patients take comfort in knowing they are at the top of their field.