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Our Team

John TreanorJohn J. Treanor, MD
Division Chief
Respiratory and gastrointestinal viruses
Viral vaccines and antiviral agents

Paul GramanPaul S. Graman, MD
Clinical Director and Hospital Epidemiologist
Hospital epidemiology, nosocomial infections, antibiotic use

Christine M. Hay, MD
Fellowship Program Director
HIV Clinical Trials, viral vaccines

Infectious Diseases, Medicine, Strong Memorial Hospital

Robert F. Betts, MD
Respiratory virus vaccines, clinical trials of antimicrobial agents

Willliam Bonnez William Bonnez, MD
Genital papillomavirus and HIV infections
Pathogenesis of human papillomaviruses

Dr. DumyatiGhinwa Dumyati, MD
Public health, multi-drug resistant organisms, clinical infectious diseases

Carrie DykesCarrie Dykes, PhD
Mechanisms of HIV antiretroviral resistance

Ann FalseyAnn Falsey, MD Rochester General Hospital
Respiratory syncytial virus, respiratory infections of the elderly

Steven M. Fine, MD, PhD
HIV infection and clinical trials

Xia Jin

Xia Jin, MD Immunology of HIV infection and HIV vaccines

Michael Keefer

Michael C. Keefer, MD
Director, HIV Vaccine Trials Unit
HIV infection, HIV vaccines

Amneris LuqueAmneris Luque, MD
Medical Director, AIDS Center
HIV infection, clinical trials, HIV in women

Peter R. Mariuz, MD
HIV infection and clinical trials

Yoshihiko Murata, MD, PhD
Respiratory viruses, multi-drug resistant bacteria, antimicrobial clinical trials

Richard C. Reichman, MD (University of Pennsylvania)
Antiviral chemotherapy, HIV vaccines, papillomavirus infections

Robert RoseRobert C. Rose, PhD
Molecular virology, viral immunology of papillomaviruses

Jacob J. Schlesinger, MD
Dengue virus immunology and vaccine development

Marguerite Urban, MD
Medical Director, Sexually Transmitted Diseases Clinic
Sexually transmitted diseases, HIV infection

James KobieJames Kobie, PhD

Vaccine immunology and B cell responses

Edward E. Walsh, MD
ID Unit Chief, Rochester General Hospital
Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and RSV infections

Alexandra Yamshchikov, MD

Rochester General Hospital
Clinical infectious diseases, hospital epidemiology

Infectious Diseases, Medicine, Affiliated Hospitals

Highland Hospital

Mark A. Shelly, MD
Clinical infectious diseases, travel medicine

Richard MagnussenC. Richard Magnussen, MD
Clinical infectious diseases

Rochester General Hospital

Ann Falsey, MD

Yoshihiko Murata, MD, PhD

Edward E. Walsh, MD

Alexandra Yamshchikov, MD

Unity Hospital

Anya Bottler, MD
Clinical infectious diseases

Nayef T. El-Daher, MD
Clinical infectious diseases

Other Regional Hospitals

David Mock, MD
Clinical infectious diseases; HHV-6 neurologic disease

Affiliated Faculty

Pediatric Infectious Diseases, Strong Memorial Hospital

Francis GigliottiFrancis Gigliotti, MD
Unit Director, Pediatric Infectious Diseases
Immunopathogenesis of P. carinii infection

Mary CasertaMary T. Caserta, MD
Human herpesvirus type 6 infections

Cynthia ChristyCynthia Christy, MD
Clinical infectious diseases, pediatric TB

Julianne Green, MD, PHD

Damian KrysanDamian J. Krysan, MD, PhD
Fungal infections; yeast cell wall synthesis

Jennifer NayakJennifer Nayak, MD

Understanding the role of CD4 T cells following secondary influenza infection or vaccination

Geoffrey WeinbergGeoffrey A. Weinberg, MD
Biology of P. carinii, pediatric HIV infection

Melanie WellingtonMelanie Wellington, MD
Host response to Candida infections

Clinical Microbiology Division, Strong Memorial Hospital

Dwight J. Hardy, PhD
Director, Clinical Microbiology Laboratories
Medical bacteriology, including diagnosis, epidemiology, therapeutics

Marilyn MenegusMarilyn A. Menegus, PhD
Medical virology, including diagnosis, epidemiology, sexually transmitted diseases